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About this site


Japanese Government Internet TV (hereafter, this "Site") is operated jointly by the Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Public Relations Office and the Public Relations Office for Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (hereafter, "Office").


The copyright of this Site belongs to the Office. Reproductions, and duplications are prohibited as the copyright of the contents belong to each creator.

Privacy Policy

  1. Basic concept
    The Office shall collect information on users of this Site within the necessary scope in order to smoothly operate the services (providing information on this Site, comments on government public relations) provided with this Site. The Office shall properly handle the information collected within the limitation of the purpose of use. 2.Scope of information to be collected
  2. Scope of information to be collected
    • (1) This Site shall automatically collect information on Internet domain names, IP addresses, and viewing record of this Site. This Site shall use "cookies" (a function sent from the server to the user's browser to identify the user on the server side, and the information is accumulated on the user's computer.)
    • (2) Please enter only comments or requests when using "Comments and Requests."
  3. Purposes of use
    • (1) The information collected for item 2. (1) shall be used as reference to smoothly operate the services provided with this Site.
    • (2) The "Comments and Requests" collected for item 2. (2) shall be used as reference for system operations of this Site.
  4. Restriction on use and disclosure
    The Office shall not use or disclose collected information for the purposes other than those described in "3. Purposes of use" except when information disclosure is requested by law, illegal activities such as illegal accesses and blackmailing are committed, and other specific reasons are determined. Note that statistically processed access information and user attribute information of this Site may be disclosed.
  5. Security measures
    The Office shall take necessary action for the proper management of collected information to prevent information leakage, loss, and damage.
  6. Disclosure of your personal information
    This Site shall not collect information that can identify a specific individual such as name or date of birth. As a result, we shall not respond to any request to disclose information regarding you if a comment or request via "Comments and Requests" is received.
  7. Applicable scope
    This Privacy Policy shall apply only to this Site. Each related government agency shall be responsible for its prescribed information handling.


Although the Office shall take all possible measures to ensure that the information posted on this Site is accurate, the Office shall not be responsible for actions taken by a user using information on this Site. In addition, the Office shall not be liable for any damage incurred by the user due to Site service discontinuance caused by maintenance, electrical outage, earthquake, other natural disasters, viruses, improper third-party activities, etc.


This Site is a free link site. Please state clearly that to the link is for "Japanese Government Internet TV" when setting said link. Although prior notification is not required, we ask that you notify us via "Comments and Requests" after you created a link to this Site. Also, please refrain from creating links from sites that:

  • (1) Violate law;
  • (2) Are offensive to the public order and morals;
  • (3) Sites encouraging criminal activities;
  • (4) Cause damage or injury to third-parties;
  • (5) Libel to third-parties;
  • (6) Sites that are for political, religious, or commercial activities;
  • (7) Posted contents are false, or significantly differ from the facts;
  • (8) Other sites deemed by the Office judges to be inappropriate for information network operations.


The posted information on this Site is current as of the date posted, and is subject to change or removal without prior notice.

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