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How to use this site & FAQ

Freqently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q1.Japanese Government Internet TV videos do not start automatically.

There are several possibilities.
Try the following workarounds:
  • Since programs on Japanese Government Internet TV are video files, it may take some time to read (download) each file.
  • Enable JavaScript settings.
  • Verify the recommended viewing environment.

Q2.Motion and sounds of video are paused.

Your computer may have insufficient resources to display the videos properly.
Try the following workarounds:
  • Close any unnecessary windows.
  • Close any unnecessary applications.
  • Restart your computer.

Q3.There is no sound.

There are several possibilities:
  • Make sure that the speaker is (or headphones are) properly connected to your personal computer.
  • Make sure that the volume control is not turned down.
  • Make sure the speaker is not on mute.

Q4.Can I choose which video player to use?


No, you cannot.
Japanese Government Internet TV auto-detects your viewing environment and chooses the best application for viewing.

Q5.How can I check the version of my adobe flash player?

Follow the procedure below:

For Adobe Flash Player
Run the following Adobe Flash Player version test to get the version.

» Adobe Flash Player version test

Q6.How do I enable JavaScript?


The method may vary depending on the versions of your operating system and browser.
For more information, see the following.

» Enabling JavaScript

Q7.The videos will not play

If the videos will not play, try one of the following workarounds:
  1. Close your browser and then open it again.
  2. Enable Java Script.
  3. If a security warning is displayed, click “Continue anyway”.